Insight Statistics provides high quality scientific programming, analysis, and writing.  We have 10 years of experience working in a CRO environment, having completed projects for major pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca, Eisai, Eli Lilly, Genentech, GlaxoSmithKline, Ipsen, Novartis, and Sanofi.  Insight Statistics has expertise in all aspects of the research process. This includes study design, proposal writing, drafting protocols and statistical analysis plans, case report form and questionnaire construction, data management, statistical programming, statistical analysis, report writing, and drafting manuscripts for publication in scientific journals.


Insight Statistics is committed to principled research.  For confirmatory analyses, this means substantive theory and distinct hypotheses, a small number of highly targeted variables, and carefully implemented analytics that lead to trustworthy conclusions.  For exploratory analyses, it means applying techniques that minimize the risk of obtaining false positive findings through capitalization on chance.  Conducting principled research also means using software and processes that protect the scientific integrity of the work.  A good system of software and processes helps ensure results can easily be replicated and makes the work more efficient.


Conducting principled research also means ensuring our interests are aligned with those of our client.  We work with a small number of clients.  So each client is special and not just one of many.  Insight statistics strives to create an enduring relationship with its clients.  We work with you on an ongoing basis and function like a part of your company.  At Insight Statistics, we care every bit as much about your success as you do.


We are open to various opportunities, but are primarily interested in working with small biotechnology companies.  We believe such companies are on the cutting edge of innovation.  At the same time, they may lack the in-house statistical expertise that would allow them to do their own analytics or adequately assess the analytics being done by their Contract Research Organization.  Small biotechnology companies also may feel they are a low priority for their CRO.  We believe we are well-positioned to give these companies the time and care they deserve.  If you are with one of these companies, we would be very interested in partnering with you.